Masonic High Council of San Marino

Craft Freemasonry in the Republic of San Marino

Records of Craft Freemasonry in San Marino go back at least to 1849 when the head of State Enrico M. Belzoppi, a Free Mason, gave hospitality to Giuseppe Garibaldi fleeing from the Austrian army.

All Free Masons of in the Republic of San Marino were members of Italian Masonic Lodges as there were not enough raised Master Mason Brothers to form a Lodge in the Republic of San Marino.

We members of the Masonic High Council of San Marino and the first Regular Grand Lodge of San Marino trace our membership from different Italian Lodges where we were originally initiated, and today we offer the opportunity to see the light of the Craft to all good citizens in our country.

The founders of the Regular Grand Lodge of San Marino are true and dedicated Masons, some of us have contributed in erecting three Temples with the aim of giving men of good will the opportunity and the possibility of becoming even better good citizens of our country.

Two members of the Masonic High Council of San Marino have been ministers and three head of State in the past decades.

Our Republic although small, has always been famous for its love for liberty and giving refuge to those who fought for liberty or were trying to escape the horrors of war.

Any brother coming from any part of the world will always find a home in our hospitable nation.

The Republic of San Marino was founded 1700 years ago, and counts 30,000 inhabitants. As you can imagine the people of San Marino are very proud of their history, of their founders, and of their ancestors.

Today, thanks to the Masonic High Council the Mother High Council, we have finally found the true and right road for the development of Craft Freemasonry, and we are proud of being able to contribute to a greater MHC in all over the world.

Earth our planet is populated by thousands of millions of people but; Justice, Freedom and Good Will belong only to few individuals, who dedicate their lives to the improvement and progress of all Humanity.

La Francomasoneria en la República de San Marino

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