Welsh Freemasonry

The first Masonic Lodge established in Wales was at Carmarthen in 1724.

A scene of Welsh Freemasonry in 1765 is described by the diarist, William Thomas:

“The first of this month was held at the Bear in Cowbridge, the Society of Free Masons, being in all about 24, and went to Cowbridge church by two and two, in their white aprons, with their trowels, hammers and other instruments as belong to masonry, according to their rank in the fraternity...A great crowd admiring and looking at the sight, being the like never before seen here”.

The Masonic High Council supports the Craft in Wales on their meeting to make use of the Masonic Rituals in the Welsh language an honourable and Ancient British language.

The Masonic High Council has a determination to ensure the survival of a vibrant Welsh Masonic culture.

A famous Welsh Freemason was Joseph Parry, he was the most important Welsh musician of the 19th century and his standing among Welsh musicians became almost legendary.

Welsh Brethren wishing to work Craft Freemasonry in the Welsh Language should contact the Masonic High Council.


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