"Grand Lodge of Maine"

"Constitution and Standing Regulations of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masoncs (SIC) (*) of the State of Maine."


“Are a set of rules and regulations which once where printed in the ordinances, statutes, regulations and constitutions of the Ancient Guilds of Masons in Europe. Some of this Rules and Regulations to be observed which we now call it a Landmark are not applied in modern days to the Craft such as the rule for the Craftsmen to attend Church Services every Sunday this constituted one of such rules.

Since the end of the Operative Craft Guilds in Europe and the appearance of Speculative Craft Freemasonry this so called Landmarks where taken and adopted and refereed to in its unwritten form, just something very similar to the Unwritten Constitution of England which is not written but unwritten and which works pretty well. So the Landmarks of the Craft are since the end of the Craft Guild system unwritten, and they constitute a set of observances which are based in those of the original Operative Craft Guilds of Europe, which the full list of them can be found in the Manuscripts and Documents constituting the Old Charges.” - By Rui Gabirro.

The Grand Lodge of Masoncs of Maine makes much reference to a chap by the name of Mackey an individual which was bias in what he wrote and therefore merits little or no credibility.

The Landmarks of Freemasonry, as compiled by Albert Mackey in 1858, are not universally accepted; they are not really landmarks at all. For example, the system of "three" degrees of Craft Freemasonry isn't a landmark. The Third Degree didn't exist at the time of the formation of the first Grand Lodge in England. Landmark 8 is also a controversial item in some jurisdictions. Landmark 14 is noteworthy since in some jurisdictions, visiting is considered a privilege.

Landmark 20, regarding resurrection, raises theological questions which some jurisdictions feel unqualified to address. Landmark 21 is also incorrect has the Book of the Sacred Law in the Craft are only those which contain the references to operative Craft Masonry the Building of the Temple of Salomon which are the Book of Kings I and II, as the Masonic Order is not a religious order nor a religious society neither the New Testament nor any other religious book has a reason to be in Lodge as the cause of division in the Brethren is both the discussion of political and religious matters which are forbidden in any Masonic Lodge.

Knowing this we shall now observe the infinite stupidity of those of the self styled:

Religious Secret Society ...

The Grand Lodge of Masoncs of Maine”

Where stupidity flows in all styles and directions!!!


The Text Book of the “Grand Lodge of Masoncs of Maine” lists Mackey's 25 landmarks, but it does not appear that this self styled "Religious Secret Society" has specifically adopted them, or any other list of landmarks.

At the "Maine Grand Lodge of Masoncs" meeting in May 2004 a committee was established to report to the Grand Lodge on the subject of landmarks. This occurred after the Grand Master had issued an edict adopting Mackey's list of landmarks, but that edict was not sustained by the Grand Lodge.

"Declaration of the Grand Lodge of the Masoncs of Maine "

"Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Maine Freemasonry" is a “ religious secret society ”.

(From their constitutions & website)

"Grand Lodge of Maine" NO Warrant of Constitution? Claiming to be a “ religious secret society ” !!!

Well, well stupidity & ignorance never stops impressing us specially when it comes from a self proclaimed and self styled “masonic organization” mimicking masonic Ritual and pretending to represent a Time Immemorial Tradition of the Craft in the State of Maine, but where they get this twisted ideas we don't know, but clearly we can say that:

Grand Lodge of Maine - Craft Freemasonry it is definitely not !

We are never surprised with this Bogus organizations pretending to be some thing they are not!

And then they go on to state that ....

"Powers of the Grand Lodge

Sixth -To hear and decide all cases of appeal from the decisions of subordinate lodges."

More and more stupidity, Craft Lodges are not subordinate to Grand Lodges, they are indeed Federated to a particular Grand Lodge of they choice, normally in a certain and common geographic area, but not necessarily so.

(*) As of the 28th of February 2010, we guess that the spelling tool of the ignoranus Edward L. King is not working properly!

Open letter to the "Grand Master" & "Grand Secretary"

of the self constituted "Grand Lodge of Maine of Ancient Free and Accepted Masoncs"
Claiming to be a “religious secret society”!!!

The present "Grand Lodge of Maine" is: self-constituted and therefore irregular in origin: unwarranted and therefore is a spurious organizations mimicking Masonic Ritual in the State of Maine, an "a de facto" front for "Funny Hat Club of Maine".

"The Funny Hat Club of Maine"

Concerning Mr. Edward L. King, agent provocateur also known as in masonic circles as "The Masonic Menace", a loony, which in itself is a self styled spokesman and mouth piece of the self constituted "Grand Lodge of Maine". Edward L. King a well known Masonic privateer and editor in Chief of the Masonic Hate web site masonicinfo.com.

The Masonic Hate web site of Mr. Edward L. King shrouded in smoke and mirrors fails to give any phone number, and fails to give no address for contact, aspects of an individual which is a coward in his own capacity, and a man of an incredible stupidity to say the least. One should always be extremely suspicious of such hate web sites.

What Mr. Edward L. King have to hide???

Now concerning the inciting agents, employers and promoters of the agent provocateur Mr. Edward L. King an ignoranus of the so called and self constituted "Grand Lodge of Maine" which pretends to initiate people in "Freemasonry" under false pretences, making believe to the candidates that approach them that they have authority to initiate people into the Craft, if you are a member of the self constituted and self styled "Grand" Lodge of Maine, the "Funny Hat Club of Maine" and wish to regularize your situation and become properly and regularly initiated into the Craft, please contact us and we will assist you to enter in direct contact with the closest MHCUSA Regular Craft Lodge near you.

Please remember that the so called and self constituted "Grand Lodge of Maine" a front for "The Funny Hat Club of Maine" a quasi masonic organization mimicking masonic Ritual, but as we know is spurious in origin and without a warrant of Constitution issued by a previously constituted Grand Lodge, or a Masonic power such as the Masonic High Council the Mother High Council of the World.

An open letter to:

Mr. Hollis G. Dixon, GLM
"Grand Secretary"
Self constituted "Grand Lodge of Maine of Ancient Free and Accepted Masoncs" claiming to be a "religious secret society".

A Bogus organization pretending to be the real thing.

Dear Sir, Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS!

Following our phone conversation, it appears that Mr. Edward L. King, an ignoranus and a mouth piece and "worshipfull" webmaster for the self constituted"Grand Lodge of Maine", also known as "The Funny Hat Club of Maine". Mr. Edward L. King has now for several years steadily building a Masonic Hate Site.

In one stroke, he has made the claim that anyone who is not a member of the mainstream or Prince Hall "masonry" is a "fake".

How is it that Mr. Edward L. King is so supernaturally gifted that he can plumb the depths of their hearts?
How can Mr. Edward L. King presume to know with what sincerity, or lack thereof they practice their craft? Why should it be considered a "problem" for Prince Hall masonry if some men wish to join Grand Lodges other than Prince Hall or so-called mainstream masonry?

In the Masonic hate web site www.masonicinfo.com of the Senior Ignuranus Mr. Edward L. King, insults not only himself but also around 500.000 Men that wish nothing to do with Masonic politics, but simply to gather together in a Lodge with other fellow colleagues and friends, leaving behind the mundane and debatable origins and authority of different Craft freemasonry organizations or Grand Lodges.

Any question that baffles us is why does Mr. Edward L. King "Worshipfull webmaster" of the "Grand Lodge of Main" from hundreds of potentially spurious and irregular Bodies has decided to attack our Institution. Does he has a personal problem with us? Have we instigated this hate that he shows towards us, have we provoked this abrupt irrational attacks to us, or have we thrown the first stone?

Any one loosing time reading Mr. Edward L. King rants in his web pages will see an incredible amount of hate, stupidity and a eagerness to harm, destroy and a Quixote syndrome of finding Monsters and Dragons in every windmill. We advise in a humanitarian action that Mr. Edward L. King seek in his best interest and in the interest of general public mental health help in any psychiatric institution.

All we ask is for this individual to act as a gentleman (if he can).

London, 23rd April 2006


Rui Alexander Gabirro, MHC
Secretary General

Yet another open letter to:

Mr. Gerald S. Leighton
"Grand Master"
"Grand Lodge of Maine of Ancient Free and Accepted Masoncs" claiming to be a "religious secret society".

Self constituted, therefore Bogus.

Dear Sir, Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS!

I am writing to you concerning a certain individual that goes by the name of Edward L. King, an ignoranus who is a member of your Grand Lodge and apparently your web master as well.

This individual has been slandering and ostracizing all the American brethren belonging to the Masonic High Council of the United States of America.

Mr. King as you probably know runs a Masonic hate site at masonicinfo.com and of the innumerable web pages in his web maze like web page, he has a certain few pages dedicated to mischaracterized and ostracizing good decent Americans, their only fault being part of the Masonic High Council of the United States of America, an organization that seems not to meet with the approval of Mr. King himself who presumes to be some sort of a Knight a guardian and protector of all types of legitimate Freemasonry in the world.

This crusader has taken the task to badmouth those that he sees fit, silly old man like a modern Don Quixote seems to see dragons in every windmill.

Edward L. King next to his horse

Edward L. King seems to put quite a bit of effort into his web site about the MHCUSA.

Look at the times and the frequency of his updates to the pages slandering our brethren:

Created 22nd of July 2005,
Updated 30th of August 2005,
Updated 1st of November 2005,
Updated 27th of December 2005,
Updated 3rd of June 2006 & 18th of June 2006

All questions of recognition aside, let posterity know in infamy that there was a man who slandered many sincere and worthy men, and that man was not only a member of the self constituted Grand Lodge of Maine but also its venerable Web Master, yet another innovation to the Craft if one can call Craft to what the "Grand Lodge of Maine" seems to be practicing.

Mr. King reputation seems to precede him. In the United States and within mainstream masonry, an unusual number of people dislike and have a genuine and negative opinion of both him and his web site

Could you please assure us Sir that we will have no more need to write to you in your office of the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Maine, or your successors concerning these matters?

London, 4th of August 2006


Rui Alexander Gabirro, MHC
Secretary General

We have many questions to ask the squirrel Ed King THE MASONIC MENACE but he doesn’t answers his e-mails and neither does he picks up the phone! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS!

The following information appears on the web site: http://trusaorg.tripod.com/critics.html

Ed King, Norwood Rd., Holden, Maine 04429

Past & present employment: King and Associates, PO Box 816, Bangor, Maine 04402-0816, 207-843-7909, FAX 207-843-7115, (fraud and embezzlement investigations, anesthesia practices, rural/community health centers management consultation); former Senior Chief Petty Officer (Cryptologic Technician/E-8), U.S.Navy/U.S.Naval Reserve Security Group.

Published works: Author of White Collar Crime in the White Uniform World, 1984.

Miscellaneous: Systems Operator Compuserve® for Year2000, Office Automation, Trainers & Training, and Accounting.
(edking-com), hostmaster@mint.net.edking.com; name servers: ns.mint.net, ra.nilenet.com; serial#: 98061500; NAMED.MINT.NET (, NS1.NILENET.COM (; King, Ed (EK2039) edking@MINT.NET

Professional Listings: Marquis Who's Who in the East (1979); Marquis Who's Who in America (1994); Marquis Who's Who in Healthcare (1997).

Past & Present Associations/Memberships: Former Treasurer, Board of Trustees, First Methodist Church, Somerville County, Maine; Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), Former national officer; American College of Medical Practice Executives, Fellow (FACMPE); Academy for Healthcare Management, Professional (PAHM); Anesthesia Administration Assembly, founder/past president; National Electronic Billers Association, Designated Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist (HRS); Medical Group Management Association of Maine, Inc., president/founder; Maine Medical Practice Management Association, past president/charter member.

The following self pro-motioning appears in this web site written by the ignoranus himself, and lets see what he says about himself and look carefully using the web site space to promote his masonic hate website: http://www.mainemason.org/mlr/fellows.htm


Webmaster, Grand Lodge of Maine & Vermont; Past Master, Maine Lodge of Research; Medical practice administrator/consultant. His Anti-Masonry: Points of View website (masonicinfo.com) is among the most popular on the web. Fellow of the Philalethes Society; Member of the Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget-Me-Not. Founding Regent of the Maine Masonic College.


And on this web page: http://www.mainemason.org/mlr/contacts.htm



Our Secretary, R. W. Richard L. Bowden can be reached at bowden@aol.com - Please contact him for information about upcoming events, dues, or other matters as pertain to his office.

Our Webmaster, Wor. Edward L. King can be reached at webmaster@mainemason.org and will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about our website.
Our 2009-2010 Officers are as follows:

Master: Eric W. Kuntz, M.D., PM, ewkmyst@msn.com

Senior Warden: Richard M. Rhoda, PM rlrhoda@verizon.net (Vacant)

Junior Warden: David L. Walker

Treasurer: Edward L. King, PM webmaster@mainemason.org

Secretary: Richard L. Bowden, PM bowdenrl@aol.com

Committees (Pending)

Publications Committee

Edward L. King, Chairman

Eric W. Kuntz, M.D.


A Timely Quote from Mother Theresa


"People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, People may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, People may cheat you; Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, They may be jealous; Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; Give the world the best you've got anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway."



If you have any questions or comments, we would be pleased to hear from you.


The Masonic High Council the Mother High Council of the World.


Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS!

Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS! Grand Lodge of Maine BOGUS!