Thomas Tew MS


The Book of masons

Good Brethren and fellows. My purpose is to show you how and in what sort of manner this Worthy Craft of Masonry was first founded and afterwards how it was and so maintained & upholden by worthy Kings and Princes and many of the worshipfull men. And also them that so true were with Ponderasion. Unto you the charges that belongeth to Every Free Mason to keep. For it is a Science that is worthy to be kept for a working craft and Virtuous Science, For it is one of the Seven Liberal Sciences and then be the name of them. First is Grammer that teacheth a man to speak and write truly. The Second is Rhetorick that teacheth a man to speak in Subtel terms. The third is Dilectick That teacheth a man to discern to know truth and Falshood asunder. The Fourth- Arithmetick that teacheth to Reckon and count all manner of numbers. The fifth is Geometra and it teacheth us Mete and Measure the Earth and other things of the which is Masonry; The sixth Science is Musick that teacheth the Craft of Song and
voice of tongue Organ and harp. The Seventh is called Astronomy and teacheth to know the Course of the Sunn and of the Starrs. These be the Seven Liberal Sciences the which be all found by one Science which is called Geomtry. This may you prove that all the Sciences in the World were grounded upon this science-Geometry for it teacheth Mete Measure Ponderasion & Weight of all manner of kind of measure, And there is no man that Worketh any kind of Craft but Worketh by Measure, Nor any man that buyeth & Selleth but useth the Measure or Weight & that belongeth to Geometry and these Craft do find all other of the Six Sciences & especially
the Plowman and Tillers of all kind of Graine Corn Seeds Vines Planters and Sellers of Fruit, nor cannot Plow Till sow or sett without Geometry. For Grammer nor Astronomy nor any of all these Sciences Cannot find a man one measure or Mete xxx without Geomtry. Wherefore that Science may well be called the Most Worthiest science of all Sciences which can find be the Mete and Measure to the Rest. If you ask how this Worthy Science was begun, I shall tell you, Before the flood of Noah there was a man that was Called Cain the Sower. Cain killed his Brother Abel With an Arrow as the Scriptures so sayeth In the fourth chapter of Genesis: Thus Cain begatt
Enoch and unto Enoch was Born Jarid.

Transcript of the first section of “The Thomas W. Tew” Manuscript



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