Books on Freemasonry

PDF Files of Masonic Books

The Lost Keys of Freemasonry

Freemasonry and Catholicism

David vs. Goliath?

The Ceremony of Initiation

The Ceremony of Passing

Beginnings of Masonry

Official History of the Ancient and Primitive Rite

Some deeper aspects of Masonic Symbolism


The Craft Degrees Handbooks

Manual of Freemasonry

The Builders by Joseph Fort Newton 1914

Masonic Treatise, W. Finch 1802

Illustrations of Freemasonry, William Preston 1796

Napoleon I and Freemasonry

The concise history of freemasonry (1920) Gould, Robert Freke

Collected essays and papers relating to freemasonry (1913)

The obelisk and Freemasonry according to the discoveries of Belzoni and Commander Gorringe: also, Egyptian symbols compared with those discovered in American mounds (1880)

Landmarks in the history of the legends of freemasonry 1907

The history of freemasonry : its antiquities, symbols, constitutions, customs, etc., embracing an investigation of the records of the organisations of the fraternity in England, Scotland, Ireland, British colonies, France, Germany and the United States ; derived from official sources (1882)

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III

Volume IV

Volume V

Volume VI

Jacobite lodge at Rome 1735

Collected essays and papers relating to freemasonry 1913