Thoughtful Brethren have long endured serious dissatisfaction with the administration and state of the Craft in England. It was in direct response to these concerns that on the 25th of January this year a number of Master Masons came together to constitute a Masonic High Council, to prepare a firm Foundation for a Regular Grand Lodge of England true to the Ancient Constitutions and fundamental spiritual values of the Craft.

At the core of these concerns is the heartfelt lament that Masonry in England has effectively degenerated into a social and dining club, meeting upon the excuse of a initiating yet another candidate into a society whose only apparent purpose is to carry out initiations, whilst seeking to justify its existence through the business of institutional charity. And where the heirarchy classically maintains discipline through the assiduous manufacture of ‘honours’ whilst ignorantly sacrificing ancient form and spiritual value in obeisance to transient political correctness.

Harsh words indeed, and doubtless the majority of English Masons will persist in their disinclination to give any thought to there being anything more to the Order than this. But whatever it is, and however socially valuable in some respects it may be, it isn’t Freemasonry.

If the words of our initiation ceremonies are actually heeded, rather than airily dismissed as so much quaint mumbo-jumbo, we learn that we are speculative Masons. And as speculative Masons we are meant to moralise, philosophise and speculate upon the symbols of the Craft, as traditionally practised in Lodges of old, before the initiation sausage-machine had been cranked up. If Freemasonry means anything it means the making of the whole man, from rough ashlar to polished stone. It implies a psychological and spiritual journey through an esoteric interpretation of our rich symbology. For too long have English Freemasons wishing to pursue such studies in a working setting been effectively disenfranchised.

Thus the Masonic High Council, after heartfelt debate and consideration, regretfully concluded that our duty to the Craft in general and to our Brethren and to ourselves in particular far outweighed attachment to the United Grand Lodge of England which we, and very many others, believe has long neglected the core, esoteric values of Freemasonry and now represents little more than a grandiose façade of what was and what might have been. The almost overwhelming response received from numerous Brethren, both in England and overseas, has more than confirmed us in this belief.

The Masonic High Council the Mother High Council

300 Years Anniversary since the Foundation of the Mother Grand Lodge of Freemasonry the Masonic High Council, the Mother High Council Preserving the original Tradition of Craft Freemasonry and to amend what has happen amiss, and to hold a yearly communication and general assembly.

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