UGLE Catwalk in Covent Garden's Freemasons Hall

There was a time when Masonic Temples where regarded sacred there was a time when Freemasonry was a Fellowship of Men but now it seems that time is no longer. Today we have people that think that a Masonic Temple is a common place like any another profane place and that a Masonic Temple can be profaned with any type of functions really.
It is sad to see the use that UGLE administration is making of its Grand Temple, a Catwalk.

“WILL Giles Deacon live up to his reputation for bringing all the world's most beautiful models to London? "I hope so," he laughs. But whoever is wearing it, you can bet the clothes on the catwalk in Covent Garden's Freemasons Hall will be some of Fashion Week's most talked about. "We've been working on corseted structures underneath parachute-sized chiffon dresses and it's all in pale blushes and greys," he says. "But it's not too romantic: hopefully we've managed to give it a bit of an edge." With Stephen Jones on hats ("Look out for one amazing crystal covered creation that is about 6cm wide and floats 5cm above the head," warns Giles), and Gina on shoes, this is bound to be one of London's most impressive shows. "It's superluxe," he goes on. "Women will just love wearing it." Giles will show at 7.30pm on Sunday September 18.”

Concerns on the state of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey

The Grand Lodge of New Jersey has the following article in their web site, we the Masonic High Council for England and Wales are amazed by the state of pseudo Freemasonry in the American State of New Jersey, this "Grand Lodge" is in amity and is recognized by "UGLE". This is neither masonic or traditional, those practicing and supporting such degeneration of the Craft Freemasonry do not represent the Ancient and Honorable Order of Freemasons.

Please read the article posted at : February 2005

"On March 19, 2005 we will be promoting a one day Masonic class to encompass the entire State of New Jersey . The State-Wide One Day Class has a goal of 5% of our present membership, or initiating 1600 new Masons in one day. There will be five (5) locations throughout the State which will present all three degrees in regular form. In addition, any candidate or Master Mason may take advantage of becoming a member of the Scottish Rite or the Shrine.

Yes, this is an aggressive agenda, for the purpose of bringing new members to the fraternity who may otherwise not have the time or inclination to join otherwise. It is a time to initiate your father, son(s), grandson(s), co-workers and friends who you know to be good men. It is a time to act, it is a time to be proud of your fraternity and it is a time to continue the legacy of our Masonic family.

Please use the online One Day Class Petition; you can duplicate it for additional members and it provides information at the bottom with regard to interest in the Scottish Rite ($100.00) or Shrine ($150.00). The one-time State-wide Lodge initiation fee is $250.00. All Initiation fees should accompany the Petition when submitted to the Lodge Secretary."