To the Splendour of the Divine Immensity Creator of the Universe
“He is called the Creator because from the nothing he Created Everything, and because all the Creation came from His imagination.”

Society of Unknown Philosophers

In the Name of the Venerable Masters of the Past and under the auspices of the present Masters of the
Society of Unknown Philosophers

Health, Wisdom, Truth

Greeting to all Illustrious, Enlightened and worthy Companions in the Light


Know Ye that We Sar Cohen, Senior member of the Society, Unknown Philosopher and guardian of the Light of the Unknown Philosophers Society. Lover of the Gnosis, and keeper of the Tradition of this our most Ancient Society in continuous existence since Time Immemorial. That of which ceremony of Initiation has been transmitted to us in traditional and regular form, and us to the following Companions in the Light of the Society Transmitted the Initiation of the Society Initiatic Chain: Sar Adnarim, Sar Aloizius, Sar Rosa Semper, Sar Leo Aquarius.

Having received a Petition from a group of companions in the Light, true Lovers of the Mystical, Cabalistic and Hermetical Gnosis to keep, study and transmit the Light, which has emanated and continues to this day to emanate from the Lodges and Circles of the Society. And We have chosen wisely, made the necessary provisions for the guarantee, progress and prosperity of this our Society of Unknown Philosophers, and have hereby agreed in view of the necessity for the existence in regular form of an administrative body of the Society to be formed, Constituted and established under the name:

General Directory and Registry or Central Archives

of the Society of Unknown Philosophers

This Central and Supreme Sovereign Body to physically function and its Central Archives and Registry of the Society to be kept in the country of Slovenia. We advise and therefore recommend the study of the following works: The Old and New Testament. The Treaty of the Reintegration of the Beings in their original proprieties, virtues and divine spiritual powers.

Being our Society in the Middle Ages much influenced and connected to the Royal Art, the Alchemical Art and the Study of the Kabala we give the following reading list in respect of that era for the optional study and enlightenment of our companions. Hermes Trismegistos, whose books are of very great nay the highest moment, in order to understand well and truly our Royal Art. Andernacus Paracelsus whose writings are like a clear day's sun light, but if you can light upon his Codicills which heretofore were called Psalterium Chymicum or Paracelsus his Manual make much of them. For therein you shall find displayed and clearly manifested all the secrets of our cabal, and of physick demonstrative with the whole knowledge of alchemical doctrine. Besides this his treatise De Tincturis is not to be neglected.

In continuation the Society shall continue to pursue its primordial aim that of imparting knowledge and aid those worthy men and women in that come knocking at the door of the Temples of our most ancient and venerable Society.

Done in the presence of the Masters of the Sovereign Council of the Society, place where reigns Peace, Knowledge, and the Plenitude of all that is Good, this 9th October 2007 Anno Domini.

Witness our hand and Seal of office

Sar Cohen, P.I.

(Rui Alexandre Pires Costa Galvao Gabirro)



FACSMILE - Constitutions of The Society of Unknown Philosophers published in 1691

TEXT - Constitutions of The Society of Unknown Philosophers published in 1691

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